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Dr Pradeep Jain Reviews

Dr. Pradeep Jain Reviews & Patient Reviews

Usha aggarwal (Lap Gastric Pass) - Reviews

Dr. Pradeep Jain and his team is one of the best team I have heard and has done full job upto my satisfaction. Doctors are available round the clock and special thanks to Dr. Pradeep Jain Reviews for my moral support for such a big surgery from jfirst visit to till death.

Alka Rani: (Radical Subtotal Gastrectomy) - Reviews

My sister, Mrs. Alka Rani, 62 was suspected to have GIST Tumor. We came to Fortis Hospital; Shalimar Bagh on 29.8.2013 to consult Dr. Pradeep Jain expecting that investigations would take due time and surgery may be performed some week to 10 days later. To our astonishment, Dr Pradee Jain Reviews, Director, Laparoscopic GI Surgery unit had all necessary investigations carried out the same day, went through the investigations reports in the late evening as same (29.8.2013) and very kindly fixed the surgery for 6 AM the next day (30.8.2013). Though there was risk of heart being involved, his extended and carefully meticulous surgery ensured removal of the rather large tumor without any risk to her heart or assistance of heart surgeon. She has made good progress since and is as the path of recovery. We really feel grateful to Dr. Pradeep Jain and his team for such a quick response, excellent professional work and empathetic care. (Ravi Gupta, Brother of Patient).

Shalini Tandon(Lap Gastric Pass) - Reviews

Team of Doctors under Dr. Pradeep Jain were excellent support pillars for my recovery And Dr. Pradeep Jain Reviews - THE EXCELLENT DOCTOR & THE FATHER FIGURE.

Drishti Wadhwa:(Lumpectomy) - Reviews

Dr. Pradeep Jain is very good and team is very well. Dr. Pradeep Jain world best doctor. Ms. Neetu coordinatory patient is very well. Dr. Pradeep Reviews and team and all doctors of his team is very good. I am happy with my surgery success and full thanks to all.

Rashida:(Thyrodectomy) - Reviews

My name is Rashida, I am from Nigeria. I really appreciate the care Dr. Pradeep Jain and team showed me. May God continue to bless and protect all the doctors in Fortis for their good work. Thanks you so much for doing a wonderful job and Good Dr. Pradeep Jain Reviews.

Priyanka Tandon:(Lap Appendix) - Reviews

Very nice doctors and his team is also very cooperative They have operated very nicely and after the surgery better and releaved from pain.

Binod Jain:(Lap Chole) - Reviews

We are very appreciate to Dr Pradeep Jain & his team for nice treatment and as well as his bheaviour and we also very thankful to Dr. Lamba. He has given moral support to patient. Beside of that we are also appreciate of Fortis subordinates staff and dedicated team of nursing staff.

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